medi+WORLD International is an accredited provider of QA & CPD points. medi+WORLD International are the publishers of the medi+CAL® Program, designed for medical education, distance information and Computer Assissted Learning. The products within the medi+CAL series provide Quality Assured CPD points (Group 1) for practicing doctors and medical students

World CME

World CME is a project set up to provide parity of educational resources for all mankind. It is available to doctors from Low Income Nations (World Bank report 2005).

It is now used for national accreditation in several countries and used by individual family doctors in over 60 countries



CME & CPD for surpeons, surgical trainees and general practitioners/family doctors.

Each title includes:

  1. Introduction to topic
  2. Principles of surgery
  3. Physical examination
  4. Interactive video of full surgical procedure with expert comment and marking up of patient
  5. Risk management
  6. Related resources

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